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First Date Wardrobe Blues


     No matter your gender when you are preparing for your FIRST date you realize that first date means FIRST impression. I think that the myth that only women worry about what to wear is just that…a myth! I hope to encourage and inform men and women about what TO wear on that first date. Sit back and relax, don’t stress too much about your wardrobe for this occasion, if you follow these steps you will be a head turner for the night.


Step 1

Do a walk-through of your clothing in your closet for an outfit or item that can be worn on the date. The goal is to find a favorite dress or outfit that you currently own without spending extra money. Depending on the type of date make sure you are dressed appropriate. Ladies if your first date is at a sporting event, don’t wear 5 inch heels with a mini skirt. The reason for this rant is because women think heels are appropriate for every event…depending on where your seats are, do you really want to hike up some stairs in 5 inch heels.

Step 2

On the first date you will have a million things running through your mind so don’t complicate it with an outfit that is uncomfortable. For example, if you have to continue to pull your dress or skirt down everytime you move, then maybe you shouldn’t wear it. Who wants to worry about if your butt is showing? Or men what about those skinny jeans that hug your private parts too tight to where you can’t breathe…leave those alone. For this step, please find something comfortable.



Step 3

Remember to be you! If you have a quirky side, show some of that in your outfit. The first date isn’t to mask who you are but to enhance your personality. The hope is to find a balance, don’t overwhelm or cloud your outfit, it can take away from conversation or the moment, just sprinkle some of your personality with accessories like a pin, jewelry or a belt.

Step 4

Do not wear anything revealing or offensive. People this is a first date so make an effort to keep it classy. If you aren’t sure about your outfit being offensive, chances are you shouldn’t wear it. I tend to tell my clients to leave any wording on clothing in your closet. Men leave the 3 letter (F.B.I-female body inspector) tees in the drawers and women don’t show all your assets, leave something to his imagination.

Step 5

HYGEINE People…Make sure that you are clean and smell good before you even walk out the house. Men keep the nails clean and trimmed, women pay attention to those type of details. Women please make sure that you shower daily and that you have your hair and nails done. Men also pay attention to women features and if you have a chipped nail and the paint coming off then you are sending signals that you really don’t take great care of yourself.

 Step 6

Highlight your best features, the task is for your date but its also for you too. When you feel good about what you are wearing and how you look, it will play into your mood. If your best feature is your breast, find a happy medium between flaunt it and emphasized it. Again first date means first impression, so wearing a low cut top may not be the way to go. Just make sure that your clothing fits and highlights those areas you love. Darker colors hide or cover up those areas you don’t want to show. Color brings attention and or awareness to what it is you want to show.



     With the New Year coming up, make sure that you have an outfit for every occasion. Remember to dig through your closet first, sometimes all you need to do is switch pieces around to create a new outfit. Don’t let the outfit stress you out, your main objective is to focus on your date not what you are wearing. Remember to use these tools here in this blog, be a head turner!



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