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Building Your Dream Closet Through a Detox Program


     I have been guilty of having too much stuff. I thought that if I moved into a bigger house with a bigger closet that was designed to my desires that everything I owned would fit. Now the problem with this scenario is that I kept buying more stuff because I thought the space could handle it. No Bueno!


     Ladies and Gents do you have too much of the same thing in your closet? Do you really need 5 pairs of black boots that are the same height? How about 3 pair of black  slacks that you wear to work? To maintain a system or a flow in your closet you need ORGANIZATION!!! I have created and implemented a program to rid your daily stresses of "I have nothing to wear" or "where are my favorite jeans" issues. This Detox program will help you build your wardrobe through your personal style as well as put organization back into your life!


Pre-DETOX:  You will need to take at least half a day out of your schedule to complete this program. You will need to sort through your wardrobe but separating your clothing into different piles. With this program you have to be honest with yourself about what is really needed, does this fit your personal style..Deep down you know the answers. This is the hardest part, once completed the fun will begin. LET'S GO


Label your boxes or trash bags for sorting


*Back into your closet-your off season can be placed into decorated boxes




Items needed for the Pre-Detox Prep

A couple of trash bags or boxes, a camera to take photos of outfits, a full length mirror and some music to make it lively and fun.


Post-DETOX: Look at the progress you have made...Be proud! During this process you need to analysis any gaps needed for your closet. Do you need more neutral button down shirts, do you have enough denim, for the fall do you have a pleather/leather jacket? This is where you need to take inventory of what is needed to maintain your personal style.


Start to categorize or group your pieces by color, function, length or season. This will bring in some organization to your closet. When your space is organized, clean and simple it will bring you a piece of mind...I promise.

Now this will be a work in progress, you may need to do this twice a year but once you get it down its smooth sailing. This will be something you will have to work at but I have given you some great tools to succeed. Good Luck


House of MERCI



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