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Shauntae Benton 

is someone a little girl is dreaming to be.

Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak - Rachel Zoe

Raised in Austin, Texas, I learned about fashion from my Grandmother and her church lady friends. Every Sunday, the church ladies were styled from head to toe in their best threads. How could I not be inspired by the big colorful hats, two piece suits and kitten heels?


Instead of selecting a degree in fashion, I opted for a BA in Business Management. Throughout my high school and college years, I worked in retail as a stylist and or buyer. During this time, I was able to establish connections with my repeat clientele, while learning about fabrics and fit. House of MERCI was inspired by my love of fashion and my motivation for women empowerment ten years ago.

During this time, I got married and had two boys while working in Corporate America and styling on the side. I'd worked in corporate for a couple of years and slowly felt the dream of owning my own styling agency appear. I'd struggled between the corporate world and being an entrepreneur for the next six years. I have tackled my fears and doubts and built a brand that embodies femininity. 

Beauty is in the way you hold yourself.

It's how you treat people.

The way you love.

Its Self acceptance.

Beauty is in your soul.

                                   -From A Wise Woman


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