House of Merci 5 Best Outfits for the week!

This week I am presenting the 5 best outfits! Some of these outfits have the most views and buys. I added some new pieces as well as some from our clearance collection. When we do step outside let’s make sure we make an entrance!

1. Summer Breeze-New Arrival Boujee Bad Collection

2. Color Me Bad- New Arrival Boujee Bad Collection

3. Lioness-Clearance

4. Snake Pit- Bold Collection

5. Haute Chic-Danity Collection

These collections inspire color, womanhood and the feel and movement of these pieces. During this time music has helped me stay creative and inspired. The flow and looseness of some of these pieces display dance and movement. The color of the outfits are meant to gain attention, bringing awareness to your womanhood. The collection names represent ALL types of women, Danity, Bold, and Boujee Bad.House of MERCI brings your style to light! From now until please take 30% off your subtotal of $30 or more. Use code: MYMERCI and become a #mercigirl

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